Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mid December mini-update

I was uploading pictures from my phone and thought I'd stick a few on here.  Actually, I realized how I have not printed photos in so very long, I have forgotten some sweet moments.  This blog is the closest thing I have going for memories right now.  

I was waiting for Sean to start reading some chapter books.  The prize was to be a clip-on lamp for before-bed reading.  Well, I went ahead and put the lamp up.... and guess who decided to start reading before bed...?  He doesn't do it every night, but I am trying to get into a routine where he does.  

Little man helping with apple pie.

We get excited about carrots 'round here.

Here's a wintry view from our house.   I still need to do a tour.  

My attempt to get pictures for Christmas cards.  It all dissolved into this....

Friday, September 20, 2013

Back again

It's been over a year since I posted here.  I truly intended to move to the other site.  Even transported my blog posts over.  But, this title just fits more of my purpose for blogging in the first place.  And I haven't even been doing much of that because I lost my camera cord.  And the only reason I can write a post at all is because I have pictures!
As much as I would love to backtrack and fill in the gap, I'll just get on with it.  Pictures will be from my phone for now.
Here is one shot I have on my computer.

Yearly-ish pose at the beach

We have done more with homeschooling than before.  It is a good and challenging change.  I have taken ZERO pictures, though, because I am doing all I can right now just to get the work done!  So, no pictures from that.
We moved jobs and homes within the last year.  I am working on a new home tour.  So I need to clean the house.  Umm.... no pictures of that yet, either.  
This may be a rather pointless post, but it makes me feel like I got something done here anyway.  :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Space

I am blogging in a new space!  I will probably just transition this homeschooling blog over there, too.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Eli!

We had a fun celebration of Eli's first birthday.  We kept it simple doing a dinner with sweet friends and the summer crew from the BCM.  Eli was a little fussy, but you know what they about it being "my party" and all.
  The boys made a sign and paper chain to decorate the room.

 My helpers making banana cupcakes with peanut butter icing (yum!).

Birthday boy ready for his party.

We had veggie lasagna for dinner.

This little cutie stole the show with her hilarious faces.

The Brothers Pate.

Cupcake time!

We asked some of the grandparents to go in with us in a push toy.  Sean and Luke picked one of their toys and wrapped them up. Sean picked a maraca and Luke, a stuffed panda.  He got a fun piggy bank counting toy, too.

My little miracle and treasure of my heart,
You are taking several steps across the room now.  It won't be long before you are chasing after your brothers.  You eat just about anything, although you still have a sensitive tummy with milk.  You are drinking from a sippy cup and only have one bottle a day.  Finally, you are sleeping (mostly) through the night!  You put anything up to your ear and say "eoooo?" which I am pretty sure is "hello."  You like to hit your daddy in the head with blocks, push things across the floor, squeal rather loudly and put everything in your mouth.  People always ask who you a more like, Sean or Luke.  I say you are such a mix between the two.  How did I ever get so blessed?  I thank God for his grace in allowing me to be a mommy to you and your brothers.   
Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

This week...

I was able to capture just a few things the boys were up to this week.  Lots of pictures coming up.

Doing some book work at their table in the kitchen.

Sean's first note written all by himself. 

Writing more secret messages.

Luke always wants to do some work, too. 

Another day, more work.

Blurry snuggle-boy.  I have stopped deleting blurry pictures because that's pretty much the best I can do with this wiggly thing.

Such a this boy.

Making apple juice.

Sean using play dough to make a snake and then dissecting it.  Not sure what this organ is he's holding.

Fort time!

Back from the library we have a book picnic and read.

Random, but still beautiful.  Just take a moment with me....

He loves taking toys out of the basket.

Another day of snake play.  We looked up a diagram on the IPad and he tried to make the organs more accurately. 

Tub of water to test out a Lego boat.

They made monster crocs from their Zoobs.  

This is what happens when I try to keep them in the kitchen with me while I cook.  They were "making" smoothies and cupcakes.  

Saturday morning trains.  Then I kicked them both outside because it is a beautiful day!

We have been doing pretty well keeping up with math and Explode the Code, but other planned things get pushed to the side when he wants to explore snakes, crocodiles and pirate ships.  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Learning Spaces

We do the whole learn-all-around-the-house schooling.  This set up is fairly new since we moved rooms around this summer.  I like it, but I'm sure it will get tweaked as we go.  

Since the boys share a room and Eli is with us, we have an extra room for the office/ guest bed.  This is where I store most of our stuff.  I will be adding some more storage soon to the hall outside so some of the things here will be relocated.
My desk
Reference books, current curriculum and misc supplies.
These 2 shelves hold the books I am using now, plus any others I think will go along with upcoming studies.
This is how it looked getting ready for the week!
 We just acquired this table for free (yay!).  The sweet grandparents are getting us 2 more chairs so all the boys will have a spot.  I like this being in the kitchen so I can have the boys working or playing while I cook.  Plus, it keeps the dining room table cleared off. 
The shoes are put away here, but they drive me a special kind of crazy because they are usually in a big pile!
Nature table and scripture memory basket.
I'm sure we'll still end up spreading out here to do some stuff.
 I keep read-alouds on this shelf.  Eli's toys are on the bottom.  This is also the t.v. cabinet.  We don't have cable, but we do have Netflix.  Sean loves documentaries and they watch other shows, too.
Yes, that is a bench turned up, blocking the doorway.  Gotta corral that baby!
 Here is where we read some and the floor is usually covered in toys.  

This is in the boys' room. Sean doesn't use the desk much for writing, but I have a feeling Luke might later on.  I love it, though, because it's from when Jeff and his brother were little.  Most of Sean's chapter books are here.  I collect them from yard sales as I find them.

And I can't forget the back porch!  This is not cleaned up at all.  When Eli is walking we will have to barricade some more.

I am certain things will change up, especially when I reorganize a bit.  I will have to do another post with organization (because I am a total nerd like that and looooove seeing others' organizing ideas!).


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